constellation familiale Nantes

Family and systemic constellations

A special offer of three sessions to help you better understand the dynamics of a group, find your place within it and resolve tensions or conflicts.

Constellation familiale Nantes

Why do a systemic family constellation?

For example, we can :

  • analysing the dynamics of collocation, families or colleagues
  • work on a professional network
  • facilitate decision making and examine the different options available
Constellation familiale Nantes

What is a family constellation?

It’s a staging of a problem or a question using objects or figurines placed on a table. Each element of a problem is represented by a figurine. This tool allows you to step back, analyse a situation, change your perspective and find tailor-made solutions.

How does family constellation work?

I offer three sessions to analyse a situation and find possible solutions in my office in Nantes.

The first session lasts 90 minutes and is used to identify your needs and start working with the constellation.
The second session lasts 60 minutes and is dedicated to finding concrete solutions that can be put in place at the end of the session.
The third and final session also lasts 60 minutes and is used to take stock and readjust actions if necessary.

The price for the three sessions is €180 for 3h30 of support, so you save €30!
The sessions are scheduled according to your needs, once a week for three weeks, or every fortnight for 6 weeks.

Support can be extended if you need it.


The systemic family constellations I offer are purely individual sessions. People who are not present (family members, friends, etc.) are represented by objects.

If, at the end of the three sessions, you would like to explore your issue in greater depth, you can extend the support to include your family constellation. Each additional session lasts 60 minutes and costs €60.

My method and practice of structural systemic constellations are based on the work of the German psychotherapist Insa Sparrer. Many group family constellation workshops are based on the approach of the German psychoanalyst Bert Hellinger, who is widely criticised for his ‘psychic’ approach and patriarchal family patterns. I clearly distance myself from his approach by following the German Society for Family and Systemic Therapy (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Systemische Therapie und Familientherapie).

We often talk about “family and systemic constellations”, but this tool can be used to analyse any kind of group, dynamic or problem.

Of course you can! As with all the other types of support I offer, it’s always possible to make a free 20-minute video appointment to get to know each other and find out whether the three-session family constellation package is right for you. This first appointment is free of obligation and allows me to answer any questions you may have.

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