My studies in linguistics gave me an intensive training in order to be able to analyze language and linguistic contexts. When translating, I work carefully on the texts until they sound just right. Important parts of my work ethics are thorough research, experience and effective contact and communication with the client. This allows me to produce clean copy that doesn’t read like a translation.

My areas of expertise are:

Academic Translations

  • social and political sciences, gender studies
  • history

Technical Translations

  • sewing patterns and instructions
  • knitting patterns and instructions

Translations in the field of art, culture and tourism

  • Translations into a gender-inclusive language, that avoids discriminating terms and emphasizes diversity.

Target language German: I am translating into German (with some exceptions). German is my native language and in this language my resources are the broadest. I generaly translate to the (German) written standard, but I am very well acquainted with the swiss and austrian varieties and I am happy to adapt to regional standards.

Source language English:
Main parts of my studies were conducted in English, and I use English for most of my private and professional life, for this reason my written and spoken English is on a near-native level. I translate texts from all mentioned areas and more.

Source language French:
I have an advanced level in French and translate texts that are not too specific.

Translations are usually charged by the word, the price depends on the complexity of the text and the speed with which you need it done. Please do not hesitate to contact me for a free, non-binding quote.

As a freelancer with minimal overhead costs, i can offer more interesting rates than most translation agencies. New clients are welcome to ask for a free sample translation (max. 1500 characters).

If your organization is dedicated to humanitarian causes, I am willing to negotiate my prices based on your budgetary restrictions.